intransigence (noun). refusing to moderate a position, especially an extreme postion; uncompromising

August 26, 2009

I had mediocre day at uni (this was because of the constant conscious and subconscious bugging of the mind, reminding me that I have an essay due in two days) This really ties you down. I became distracted, and things distract me in turn.  Added to that, my pituitary gland is being a bitch, thus making me be a bitch- it’s not that great.  I now regret hastily handing in my IR take-home test, but I don’t care because I have Dvt Studies due in two days.   I would have wasted time on it had it not do it anyway.  I don’t need anymore ideas for IR, I need them for Dvt.  The only thing that wasn’t mediocre was probably seeing the familiar faces on the lawn (even though I was in tune of working, it was nice seeing everyone there).

I was alone on the train home today, so I sat in the seat that faces everyone: 2 headphones-in-ear, 2 people in my vicinity who are wearing tights as pants, 3 asleep, 2 engaged in a conversation, 2 reading, 4 deep in thought and 1 blogging (that would be me).  I was so hungry and had a very uncool thought which, no doubt, is my pituitary gland talking, if not, its the real delayed estrogen effects- which would mean I have very slow metabolism.

The thought revolved around the suckiness that comes with being in a relationship.  This isn’t to say I dislike my relationship, because I like it, a lot.  I like how it gives me something to look forward to everyday, something that I share with one other person, it gives cuddles and a shoulder to cry on, it gives me aspirations.  What is sucky about a relationship, and should be diminished, is that fact that you have to put up with a lot of stuff that you shouldn’t have to, but you do it because you want the relationship.  You have to weigh up your options and determine whether it’s worth it.  For the briefest moment today on the train home, whilst listening to Basia Bulat, I had this uncool thought: I didn’t want it anymore- and that scared me.  It made me tear up.  It annoyed me that I was thinking like this.  I always knew that relationships are a give and take thing, and it has never bothered that that there are some things that I put up with, because I knew that it would be worth it.  But today, for the briefest moment,  I didn’t know that and wanted to give up. I felt like a chicken, a pussy and a weakling- simultaneously.

Seeing as I no longer feel like this, it’d be safe to say that it was a dirty trick of my mind via my P.gland.  And god I feel G typing that out.  I’m gonna go sleep now so I can wake up early for uni tomorrow.  I have to finish my essay D:  Planning to skip out on IR tutorial for Essay.  The essay question is really uninspiring, which in turn makes what is going to be my essay, uninspiring as well.  Apparently, this is the least favourited course in the Development major, and I would have to concede to that, bar that fact that P. Ross is pretty hip for a history nutter.

I forgot to buy myself a new ‘soft’ toothbrush, because we only have ‘mediums’ at home and I gave my last ‘soft’ one to Kimmy.

Also, I was walking home the other day from my other bus stop and stumbled across this suburban sheep, which reminded me of Hurlstone:


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