rectitude (noun). moral integrity; righteousness

August 27, 2009

(8:20pm) On the train home:
Epically excited about tomorrow.  I’ve completed around 90% of my essay.  I can admit that I’m not entirely satisfied with the quality of it, but as I mentioned before, the uninspiring questioned prompted anything but.  I’m just glad it’s going to be submitted tomorrow.  Woo!  As I was leaving the law library today, I bumped into the familiar face that is Ivy’s, who arranged a lunch date for tomorrow from 12-1m.  I thought it suited perfectly, so I agreed.  Yay to finishing essay tomorrow!  Yay to lunch with Ivy tomorrow!  Yay to getting so sleeep!
I just realised that the last bus home comes in a minute, and I’m here at Lidcombe.  I don’t want to use my card to cab it home because they’ll charge extra for the transaction :(   I’ll have to find a ride home quick because I don’t wanna wait around for long in just a cardigan, jeans and thongs.- it’s so cold at night.  Boo!  On a lighter note, Spring is seriously just around the corner! YAY!  I can’t to get back into my shorts and skirts!  I’m sick of jeans and my legs have become a very dead, skin colour.
Billy Joel’s Vienna is currently playing in my ears- it’s so lovely.

(9pm) Home:
Ended up catching the cab home; withdraw cash instead of EFTPOS-ing it.  I really don’t understand why we have to pay additional for an EFTPOS transaction- I mean, isn’t it the bank’s JOB to carry out our transaction for us? I should stop complaining and get on with completing my essay.  I promise that I’ll never, ever leave it to the last minute again.  It’s the biggest strain, and I hate how I feel because of it.  I’m tired and feeling a bit constipated.  I just want to go to sleep; my panda eyes are so bad D:

(11:11pm) Essay:
Consuming my life whilst I consume a punnet of strawberries to help ease the constipation feeling.  I’m yawning an awful lot, and it’s tempting me to go bed early so I can wake up early and finish it tomorrow.  I have 900 of 2000 words down.  I will get to at least 1500 before I go to bed. Deal.


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