foretokening (verb). indicating or giving warning beforehand

August 29, 2009

I went to IKEA today with Nessa.  Bought some things that made me happy.  Also got mild food poisoning from some Thai chilli chicken- booooo!   I’m better now!  I spent the last 3 or so hours sewing a cover for my new spooning/bolster pillow- I’ve been waiting around for IKEA to re-stock!  I finally got one, YES! :D

Here are some new pillows in my room:

I also purchased these cute, little images of pastries- which now are mounted on my wall:

Today, I would say, is a good day.  I have a much more positive outlook on life in general… The girls are happy, which makes me happy, and makes me have an optimistic outlook on life in general.  I most definitely live vicariously through my friends.  I need to know that they’re okay so that I’m okay- sounds very dependent, I know.  However, I would also like to think of my lonesome self as an individual person who shares things with other people.  Sharing is caring, and that subsequently makes me happy.  I will share more when I feel that I’m on the verge of breaking down- I don’t want to become like my dad, or inherit his mentality on life.

My tummy is acting up again- gonna go toilet now.


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