prodigious (adj). impressively great in size, force or extent; extraordinary

August 31, 2009

OH MY GOSH! I JUST (accidentally) FIGURED OUT HOW TO TYPE OUT SQUARE ROOTS AND E ACCENT AIGU! I now know exactly how Edison felt! :D
Square root (on Mac): alt/option + v = √
E accent (on Mac): alt/option + e, then e again = é

That’s all I really figured out.
But it was still pretty exciting because I discovered them consecutively.  Other people wold have probably figured those short-cuts out, but whatever- I did it by accident.  Woo!  I got to experience what Edison did!:D

(French homework, practising the negation on the passé composé)
-Vous avez écrit de poèmes?  Non, je n’ai jamais écrit de poèmes.
-Vous avez dit <<Je vous aime>>? Non, je n’ai jamais dit <<Je vous aime>>.
The French are clearly, very romantic people.  I want to be a romantic person after visiting for a year. Woo!

Today, was an absolutely fantastic day.  Mainly because I don’t have any assessments due this week, making it an awesome start to the week.  More importantly, today is the last day of winter, meaning tomorrow will be the first day of Spring- my favourite season of all seasons.  I could not stop harping on about it to my fellow French and IR buddies, especially Ash, who does all my subjects.  Now, he isn’t exactly the YEAH! IM HAPPY FOR YOU type of person, he is rather reserved.  So I just got the cold shoulder from him, with him trying to undermine my mentality and fun, but asserting that it has been the shortest winter ever because the past 2 weeks have been absolutely wonderful in terms of the weather.  I appreciate his observations, but I guess I haven’t been feeling it the past 2 weeks with all the assessments and stuff.  I feel it now because there’s nothing due and it’s sorta like a clean slate, you know?  Yeah.  Today was an awesome day in general.

I think it would have been a much more awesome day for one Tien Tran (aka Fairy Tran), who was spotted in the MX’s Here’s looking at You:
TIEN! If it’s hard to read, my apologies because the iPhone’s camera is only 1MP- fail.  Tien’s tribute was given with the “On Parade” prompt, reading:

“To the cute Asian boy who catches the South line train, you wore a grey top with penguins on Thursday.  Same train next week?
-Penguin lover

True story.

I love this:

IR is getting more and more interesting as each week passes; Crim is as well.  French is getting harder, so I think it’s time for me to leave this domain and get back to doing some grammar with Ne-Yo’s Better Today playing in my ears (Thanks Kimmy!).


2 Responses to “prodigious (adj). impressively great in size, force or extent; extraordinary”

  1. Hieu Says:

    I see Tien got my message then.

  2. tnangers Says:

    Hieu. are you serious? if you are, i am pissed man. I thought you would be some hottie wanting some of the penguin.

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