juvenescence (noun). the state of being youthful or of growing young

September 1, 2009

There’s nothing like spending your first spring morning of the year asking for donations for Oxfam (Thank you to the guys as Dymocks and Greater Union).  Then spending your first spring afternoon with a special someone (Thank you Darren), then spending the rest of your spring day learning some French (Thank you French textbook).  What an awesome start, I’d say! :D
(Not so great in politics, however, where Mr Della Bosca has decided to quit after some sex allegations, rendering the State government even more in trouble.  The NSW State government really needs to get their act together)

I think I might go book some tickets for 500 Days of Summer now.  Going into the cinemas today to ask for donations, I was inevitably exposed to all the upcoming movie promotions, with 500 Days of Summer being the most prominent as it was featured on the digital board, as well as a 3D cardboard stand of Joseph Gorden-Levitt (swoon over his smile!) So excited!  I’m even more excited about this coming Monday where Jessica, Cynthia and myself plan to kill two birds with one stone, watching (finally) The Ugly Truth (Gerard Butler YES!) and My Sister’s Keeper.  A bit worried about the latter film, as films that are adapted from books never turn out as good and become a major disappointment.

I might not be able to see my dears at Stargate tomorrow as I have a French study group from 11-12pm!  Maybe if I rock up to your QMB lecture, I might be able to mingle and learn some maths with youse! :D

I think my net is a bit stuffed tonight, so I might just click post just incase I am unable to post by 11:59!


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