unprepossessing (adj). not overtly impressive; unremarkable

September 2, 2009

Awfully long day at uni, aggravated by an onset of a headache halfway through the day.  I attempted to finish my reading, but didn’t end up doing so because I opted to go over to my grandmother’s place to visit all the little cousins, with 2 new additions! :D Little kids are too cute.

I ended up spending my break at Stargate today with the Hurlstonians because Laksmi was exhausted from Law Revue and so decided to sleep in.  French is really hard and I really need to get down to work.  I’m so glad a strike is scheduled for the Wednesday in two weeks time because it’ll mean I’ll have an extra week to practise French speaking!  I was paired up with Francis, a guy who does 3 languages at uni and pretty much owns French.  It’s good and bad in a way: it’s good because he can help me out and stuff’ it’s bad because he’ll outshine me.  Yeah.

Hahaha! The doggy is so cute, and the two pilots are so oblivious!


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