Weekend No. 35

September 6, 2009

I didn’t end up blogging yesterday because I ended up with a rather busy day.  I woke up to some chores to take care of before heading out to lunch with Nessa.  Afterwards, I finally went swimming after 2 months of not doing so.  It was tiring at first, but got heaps better.  I think I might make it a weekly thing- it felt awesome when you come out of the waterr with heated cheeks; even better when water comes out of the ear.  I wanna get more people on this bandwagon.  After dinner, Nessa, Daniel, Darren and I made our way to Magic Kingdom/Chipping Norton lake for some ghosthunting.  It was rather nice and tranquil, not as all scary.  We saw a pelican swimming about, which drew my attention to the fact that pelicans could potentially be semi-nocturnal.  I will wiki this later.

Today, is Father’s Day.  Got dad a travel coffee mug from GJs for dad because the one he has now is broken.  I will give it to him before we head out to the dinner tonight- he left before I woke up. I spent most of today watching Seinfeld.  I really love Kramer- he is too funny with his dramatics-, and Elaine is heaps pretty.

I edited this video today:It features the lovely Darren and his hayfever-ish antics!  It made Leena and I laugh for ages, and I thought you’d enjoy it! :D


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