sententious (adj). short and pithy; full of maxims and proverbs

September 7, 2009

I had a wonderful tear-filled, laugh-filled and food-filled (basically fun-filled) day today with Jessica, Cynthia and Jessica.  I haven’t really gone out with these girls before, so it was a bit awkward at first (as strange as that may sound), but it ended up being an awesome day.  I finally got to try that dumpling restaurant down and got to eat roti again! :)  Oh how I miss the delightfulness that is embraced by roti. Yummmmmmy! Jessica and I plan to make reservations there so we never have to line up again!

We exploited the $7 Student Cinebuzz deal and watched 2 movies each for $14.  It was too cool! :) We watched My Sister’s Keeper before The Ugly Truth.  I cried heaps in the former, but was a bit disappointed that it didn’t hold true to the book -though I’m not surprised since films that were adapted from books never end up better than its original source.  I know some films end up owning the book, such as Lord of the Rings, but this statement is based on hearsay seeing as I’ve never watched on the LOTR trilogy myself- I’m a fan of the Star Wars saga though! :D  The latter film was heaps hilarious, though completely predictable.  Gerard Butler’s Irish accent that was produced in P.S I Love You seemed to have disappeared, making him less appealing than Gerry.  Yeahhh.  But I’m glad I watched those two films today! That’s two that can be ticked off on my list of movies to watch; another 57345728657 (read: a lot) to go.


Dear Leena: Sorry we didn’t visit- didn’t end up going all the way down to Pitt St Myers.  I hope you’re not too exhausted.


One Response to “sententious (adj). short and pithy; full of maxims and proverbs”

  1. Leena Says:

    Dear Maggie: I am currently starting to feel the effects of work, but trying to stay energised since I have many more days to go. You missed out on seeing my uniform though, HOT PINK and RUFFLES. I look like a cupcake. LOL.

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