malapropism (noun). an act or habit of misusing words ridiculously, esp. by the confusion of words that are similar in sound

September 9, 2009

I swam today and now my thighs kinda hurt.  Eric aggravated it by sitting on them when we went to visit our new baby cousin, named Aiden.  He really is a sweet boy- he has this little sofa that keeps him in place.  It’s the cutest thing! :D  I didn’t get much done today, after lunch with Nessa, then swimming….speaking of which,  I had he whole pool to myself when I got there! It was scary at first, because it was so big.  I felt bad after I realised a lifeguard came outside to supervise me.  But I really didn’t want to go indoors because it reeked of chlorine.  But after 3-ish, more people came and it felt less awkward.  Overall, swimming was great!

I visited the boys playing their game of basketball after, since it was so close.  It was so great to see how it was still sunny at 5pm, because it means summer is coming soon! Yippee!

I should really do some French now, seeing as I’ve neglected it for the entire day.

(It seems that I have neglected to do French, yet again, because I was looking at beachhouses :()

EDIT: I forgot to mention…I bumped into my friend Susanna this evening when I went out for dinner tonight.  It was such a surprise because I hadn’t seen her for nearly a 2 years now?  Yeah.  She still looks and sounds the same- my mum feel in love with her all over again, like I did.  I’m a tower of her- she’s still so small and cute. I wish we had kept in touch towards the end of high school- I sometimes wonder how different things would be if she was still in my inner-circle of friends.  It’s kinda hard to go back to where we you were before with each other- I half-expected us to stay tight, but was not surprised that we grew apart.  We’re into different things an belong to different crowds.  But she’s one of those people who I can open up to in an instant, just because we’ve shared so much before and she is willing to listen and care. Yeah.  It was awesome bumping into her today.  I’m glad she’s doing so well. :D


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