forebearance (noun). tolerance and restraint in the face of provocation; patience

September 11, 2009

Just a quick blog before I head out to hunt for some ghosts.  It’s not that I believe in such things, but it’s because I find it amusing how paranoid people get- rightly so because these are scary paranormal situations that we put ourselves in.  I think I don’t find it scary because I know that these situations cause us to perceive such paranoia and therefore what we see in misconstrued and NOT true.

Hieu’s tonight was fun, a lot funner than normal Mounties, mainly because a lot of fellow friends were there.  Danielle ended up winning the surfing competition and $100 with a whopping 1:05 on the machine; I well and truly admire his skills.

(My dad is up late to see me off to ghost-hunting.  He thinks I’m being ridiculous and I know its true but whatever.  I’m going to the bank for him again tomorrow.  I really hate parking on Saturday mornings.  Everyone just heads to the local CBD and gets food and whatnot.  It’s really horrible)

Darren, who has formed a man-crush on Paolo Nutini, linked me these videos: He is lovely :)

(Will be back for an EDIT)


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