deuteragonist (noun). the actor taking the part of second importance in a classical Greek drama; a person who serves as a foil to another

September 13, 2009


I was playing ‘Truth or Dare’ with Eric earlier this evening.  He went first with Truth: so I was asked him if he had a crush on anyone at school.  Sadly, he said no.  It was my go and I picked Truth as well.  He asked me did I have a crush on someone (as well).  I answered truthfully: Yes I did.  Eric seemed quite surprised to hear this, so he proceeded to ask who it was.  I told him he was cheating as he had already asked me a question.  It was his turn again, and this time he picked Dare.  I told him to go give Mum a peck on the cheek- he went bashful and went as close as a hug.  You should know that Eric is the type of person to receive hugs and kisses, but rarely returns the favour.  Anyway, it was my go again, and I picked Truth (because the Dare alternative would involve me picking my nose and eating it).  Eric asked me who my crush was and I looked at him with the ‘really?!^o)” look.  I thought it had been obvious since Darren pops over ever so often and I speak of him a lot to Mum.  Anyway, after the disclosure, it was pretty obvious that Eric, a teenage boy, was oblivious to stuff like this.  I was always under the assumption that he knew, but he didn’t.  I guess his priorities lie in DS/Gameboy games, Saturday morning TV and his near-TB music.  Yes.

Uni is starting again tomorrow I am not looking forward to the 9am start.  I was already getting used to my routine of waking up at 9- I don’t want to have to wake up at 6 tomorrow :(
But another 7 weeks (and a WAM of 76+, hopefully) and I will be free as a bird to play the ukulele, watch many, many films, read many, many book and simply just chill.

I did a shit load of procrastinating today, and on top of that I attended a dinner with the extended family tonight to celebrate my cousin’s birthday.  I shall now cram some French! :D


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