Weekend No. 36

September 13, 2009

(For yesterday/last night, when my internet decided to go haywire), at 10:45pm-ish:

I had a rather spontaneous day today- I really didn’t have a plan but to study for some French.  I ended up waking up earlier than expected today, then getting up to run errands for my dad, in which he decided to be random and get the car serviced and stuff.  I ended up waiting for 2 hours at the mechanics, in the extremely hot weather, watching the car chuck up black stuff and getting her parts removed and replaced.  I have no idea why I ended up personifying the car at the time, but I really saw the car as a human being: It needed regular check-ups, it needed to be cared for, it can get hurt and tired (seen through the scratched on its surface and the dirtiness of the oil).  It was really quite sad to see such things because I felt as if we’ve neglected it really badly.

I learnt a lot of things about the engine today though.  The last time I had any car/engine education was last year during a period of (offline) maths when Indhar/Daniel/Vanessa brought it up and I realised that I did not know how the thing worked, in laymen’s terms.  That afternoon, I went onto howthingswork.com and searched up how engines work.  Alas, pistons, engine and wheels became associated with each other; their combined effort to make the car go.  Today, at the mechanics, I was invited by the mechanic to take a look at what he was explaining to me (I think he got that I was a visual/kinesthetic learner when I gave him the what-are-you-going-on-about look the first time he was explaining to me).  It turns out that there’s a million little things that can go wrong in the engine.  Fan belts cracked; weak springs; dirty oil; over-used coolants; dodgy brakes etc. etc.  A lot.

I got home to feed Eric a little later than usual, then proceeded to drive him to Saturday school because I did not want him walking in what felt like the 40 degree heat.  I also wanted to head to 7/11 to get a super slurpee at just $3 for cool me down, and Eric if he wanted some.  However, I could not start up the engine.  For 5 minutes, I was feeling guilty yet again, thinking that I had already wrecked the engine right after it was serviced- I tend to rev for no reason, floor it for no reason when it goes green (maybe to beat other drivers, maybe), oversteer and sometimes I never befriend the brakes when I change gears…So I wouldn’t have been surprised if I stuffed up the engine- shit, once, I had my handbrakes up for a whole 5 minutes whilst driving without even noticing I couldn’t really accelerate.  I’ve improved since getting my Ps- promise!

Anyhow, I decided to call dad in this instant.  I wanted a slurpee really badly and had to get Eric to school on time, so it was urgent. I went through the steps with dad so he would understand the situation I was in, that is, the key would not ‘push‘ in to start the engine.  He got me to get out of the car and lock it, then unlock it then sit back down.  He made me make sure I was on Parking and NOT Neutral; he made me shift from Parking to 2 to Parking again.  Nothing was working, I had screwed up the engine.  When dad told me to turn the steering wheel, I was a little confused, but proceeded to do so anyway, but it didn’t turn.  It was at this moment, that I could hear the little light bulb go ting! above his head- I didn’t realise this, but I hadn’t returned the steering wheel back to neutral, so it locked itself after I turned off the engine.  He told me to give it a just a little turn, to unlock it, then try start the engine again.  It worked.  I was so relieved I did not stuff up the car.

With a perfectly fine, newly re-serviced car, a slurpee and Eric at school, I ended up driving Nessa to her job interview.  I thought it’d be good to give the new belt a try and what not.  But I think I ended up using a lot of the power-steering fuel ( I checked this by ‘popping the hood open’, learning from Darren that it involves much more than lifting the lever within the car- you actually have to put your fingers and undo some hook which is under the hood). Yeah, the fuel level had fallen from MAX to MIN level.  I hope my dad doesn’t notice.

I am now studying for a French test that is on Monday.  I’ve been harping on about it, I know.  But I really don’t want to fail, so I’ll go do some now.

Hope your day was nice and sweaty too! :D

P.S: Sorry Leena! I didn’t get to visit you because I couldn’t find parking and had to go pick up Eric. May you rest well tonight/tomorrow before uni starts again!


One Response to “Weekend No. 36”

  1. Daniel Says:

    put in some hydraulics bro

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