aeonian (adj). lasting for an immeasurably long period of time

September 14, 2009

I woke up heaps early today to get into uni by 9am to sit for my French listening exam which I had spent a good amount of last week studying for.  In fact, I’ve finished around 90% of the listening book; so I was all prepared.  However the coordinator never showed up, so the test is postponed until next week.  I did have my French grammar and writing test- which was hard, so I’m hoping for a pass (Y).  I  revised over present-tense conjugations, but became really confused in the exam between past, present and future tenses.  The French decides to make things even harder by having many forms of the tenses.  Très confusing!

I really need to get a start on my Criminology essay which has crept up on this past week.  I was going to start researching today, however the library printers decided to go dud, so I didn’t end up doing anything :(  I came home to 2 episodes of Seinfeld, and now am blogging about my rather unfortunate day whilst watching GNW.

I went to visit my grandmother this evening at the old’s people home.  She says she in pain all the time.  I can’t help but feel a sense of hopelessness every time I go there.  Her cataracts have aggravated since her last optom check-up (she was going to go into surgery before the stroke) and so she was having trouble recognising Eric and I.  Before, Mum questioned whether she remembered that Eric and I had visited, she didn’t.  But she said that Eric had grown bigger, that’s why she doesn’t recognise him.  Mum conceded, then decided to be funny and chuck in a comment that Eric had a girlfriend.  And with that, we left her with the biggest smile I have seen from her in ages.  It was good to see that she is still capable of smiling.  I thought it was beautiful.

Anyway, I’m gonna go have a quick shower before heading to bed.  Am going to head into uni early tomorrow to get some research done! Hopefully, the printers are working again.


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