turpitude (noun). depravity; baseness.

September 15, 2009

Ahhhhh! Why is NCIS so addictive?!  Even though it’s an old episode, it’s one I haven’t watched, so I don’t know what happens, so naturally I’m hooked! D:  I’m half way through a crim reading and it was good until NCIS started.   I will turn it off and go do some work! :D

I went into uni today to do some Criminology research on alternative justice.  I found all the sources and have just sorted out everything and have an idea of how I’m going to approach it- I just have to get down to reading now.  I also got some IR sources for my IR essay about women. Woo!

I’m a Liberalist, be it heretically or self-willingly.  I’m a firm believer in the power and voice of individuals.  However, since uni has started, I can’t help but feel bombarded with very biased, socialist thinking in that environment (as outlined in the SMH over the weekends).  I mean, it’s great to be able to explore new perspectives and stuff in the lectures/classes.  But when it comes to the uni, social environment, people tend to be very negative towards my Liberal aspirations. These people, often from a  socialist/Marxist group, will scoff at me, astounded.   Automatically, John Howard would be bad-mouthed without a single consideration of his efforts in building Australian economy to support businesses of all sizes and instead, just target his mistreatment of the Indigenous community and the Iraq War, though rightly so.

But shit, Kevin Rudd isn’t that great.  His treasury’s stimulus packages are putting us into debt and it’ll be my generation who’ll have put our hard yards in to pay it off for him just because his bench can’t think of a better way to avoid that recession. I hate how he just provides for the people, even the people who don’t deserve it aka people living off the doll; small businesses no longer are important; and uni lecturers are not happy with the Fair Work Act 2009’s provisions on enterprise agreements, so their striking tomorrow and I can’t do my French tests which I studied hard for.  I admit, Rudd has done some great work since becoming PM: his Apology, dealings with China and negotiations on refugees’ status are all commendable.  However, the stimulus packages just isn’t viable nor sustainable, and aren’t we all about sustainability in this era?  Labour’s ETS, although a much debated topic, doesn’t seem to have a lot of ‘lift-off’ and is displaced by the GFC.  People call me heretics for being against some of K. Rudd’s policies, and I absolutely hate it.  It annoys the shit out of me when my fellow peers are not willing to hear some cons about Rudd but can harp on and on very monotonically, pretentiously even, about Howard’s.

I know I don’t have the best knowledge of Australian politics, but I know enough to know where my values are and within which policies they resonate in.  I hate how some uni people are not able to see a bigger picture.  I sometimes dislike the way the uni course is drawn up to be, ultimately, a socialist course.  It’s sometimes very demanding just to cop the shit I get.  I think I’ve only discussed this with one or two people because I know their values were similar to mine (in terms of politics) so I was more willing to share my thoughts with them, without the fear of being neglected (call me a chicken if you wish) and just be lectured on about how great Rudd is.  I really wish I could discuss politics more with people at uni, but frankly I can’t take another bashing about my ‘immorality’.

On a lighter note, GOING TO SEE THE OUTRAGEOUS GAGA IN MARCH! SO EXCITED! :D She places her leg on the piano (again)!

Am also wanting to see Paolu Nutini.  Should get tickets soon! (Nessa, holla!)

P.S: Haha! Dad just had a peek at my blog then decided to engage in a political talk.  It’s great to see we’re on same page, on some things :)


2 Responses to “turpitude (noun). depravity; baseness.”

  1. James Bond Says:

    What’s your opinion on universal healthcare, may I ask? (I’ll listen, promise!)

  2. Pho Says:

    I don’t like the fact that he is giving netbooks to schoolkids when they don’t need it :S

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