harangue (noun). a long speech, especially one delivered before a gathering

September 16, 2009

I noticed today that my desk/side-table calender is so much smaller now.  This would mean that the year is coming towards an end.  I’ve got a little under 3 months left to make the most of my 2009.  I’m thinking about moving to another domain in regards to blogging after the year ends.  Tumblr has been in for a while now, but I think it really doesn’t allow much room for originality because a lot of stuff is reblogged- though there is bonus points for convenience of self-expression in form of pictures and quotes and such.  I’m not sure how well I’ll go on blogspot as that is where most of the fashion world resides. I’ve been on blogdrive before and didn’t really enjoy the advertisements that pop up.  I think I might just stick to wordpress for the time being until I find a domain I like.  Or I might just invest in one of those lovely/pretty/vintage journals that I carry around everywhere and jot down thoughts when I want, then after a year, chuck in a time capsule for someone special.

I just have to go refine my penmanship.

(Much earlier and shorter post than usual: It’s because I have 3 assessments due next week- 2 French exams and 1 Criminology Essay.  Eeeep!)


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