indomitable (adj). incapable of being overcome, subdued or vanquished

September 18, 2009

Mum and I were having a political rant in Chinese just a minute ago.  It was very difficult- I think I might have to touch up on some of my Chinese soon.  Maybe during the break?  Yes! That would do me excellent!

I’ve got half of my last reading to go for Criminology, then a start on French revision and then some essay writing!

Evidently, life is fantastic.

This I gotta see!

Bond: I think universal healthcare is absolutely vital in this day and age. I mean, if we’ve got the man power and research facilities available to keep us all healthy (and possibly a little more happy), why not share it and make it universal?  Though I know it costs heaps- maybe we’re in need of some innovative macroeconomics!
What’s your take?


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