Weekend No. 37

September 19, 2009

Pour mon ami, Cynthia: This is what a cat looks like from the bottom :)

An amazing idea popped into my head in the toilet today!  Is there anything that bathroom/toilet can’t do?  If you think of anything, please share!  It’s nearly the end of the year, and being the wishful person I am, I start thinking ahead very romantically about Christmas.  I’ve no idea why but the infamous carol “The 12 Days of Christmas” came into my head which somehow metamorphosised into this idea of giving  Christmas gifts early.  Of course, it’ll have to involve the blog so the gifts I’ll be giving will be of a digital nature.
Anyway, over the next month of so I will be on the internet looking for stuff (be it songs, images, films, quotes etc.) to share specifically with the people I know who occasionally pop into this blog.  I figured maybe 12 people would be too less, doubling it would make it 24 people, but 24 is a weird number, so I’m going to find 30 gifts for 30 people and distribute them before Christmas. (30 because it’s even and very whole-d)!

I will refine this idea later! :D

P.S: Coincidentally, I’ve reached 30K views on this blog!  So I guess 30 e-gifts by Christmas would be an awesome way to celebrate! :D


One Response to “Weekend No. 37”

  1. Cynthia =D Says:

    hey maggie thanks for sharing that adorable picture of that cat ^-^!!! YAY GMAT IS OVER!
    p.s; **whispers** what’s Pour mon ami.

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