multifarious (adj). having great variety; diverse

September 23, 2009


  • Finish typing up essay (now-1am hopefully)
  • Look up how to get to uni and back (1am)
  • Pick up sausages in the morning (9am)
  • Leave sausages at Grace/Hiroko’s place (10:30am)
  • Get to work on editing the essay (11:30am)
  • Organise 500 Days of Summer with Ivy (12pm)
  • Submit essay hardly and softly/electronically (2pm)
  • P. Ross (2pm)
  • IR with Fennessey, G-Daniel and Jessica G (3pm)
  • TRIVIA (!) setup (4pm)
  • Development with Donna (5pm)
  • Set-down trivia night (9pm)
  • Drop homies off at home (by 10:30pm)
  • Get home, shower and watch Seinfeld without guilt(11:30pm)

Too excited! :D
Yeah, I’m too self-involved to care about the dust storm that occurred today that the whole of Sydney was ranting/telling anecdotes about- it got a bit repetitive by midday.  Sydney-siders were in awe/shock/wtf-ness, whilst people from the Mainland were unphased and just wore their face masks like it was just another day.

On another note, I slept right past my station and ended up at Glenfield station.  I didn’t get home until 7pm D:  Never going to sleep at Merrylands ever again!


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