sycophant (noun). a servile self-seeker who attempts to win favour by flattering influential people

September 24, 2009

I had a very busy, but satisfying, day today.
I’m very happy that criminology was all done and submitted.  Very happy that I finally drove to uni for the first time today.  Happy that IR tutorial was awesome (as per usual).  Happy with my Development essay mark.  Very happy with our Trivia fundraiser tonight.  Happy to have tried Laksmi’s tofu.  Happy that Ash, Leena and Hito were on my team.  Happy that Hito won the guessing competition!  Very happy to have had that chat with Leena and Lisa on the way home.  I’m very happily watching Seinfeld now :D
Life is sweeeeet.

Leena:  After I drove off, I realised how much I have missed your company (in the 2 weeks I have not seen you).  I hope all went well with dad.  Thank you heaps for coming to the Trivia- you did great ;D Have a nice day at work tomorrow!

With one minute to spare!


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