ostentatious (adj). intended to attract notice and impress others; pretentious

September 25, 2009

Fridays at uni are like closed weekends at Hurlstone (not sure if I have mentioned this already), but yeah.  I went into uni today for some IR research (for yet another essay due this week), and found that it was a much more chill-axed atmosphere.  Maybe it was the smaller number of people, maybe it was just the notion of TGIF, or maybe it was simple a misconception on my behalf…but I thoroughly enjoyed it, nonetheless.

You know it’s nearly the end of semester when assessments start piling up/when one essay is due each week from here on in, at least in my case.  It’s really a killer on your outlook on your life, period, and really starts to strain on your overall well-being. It has become a routine and thus rather mundane.  It’s sad, relatively.

I can’t wait until the time comes to spend days and days and days with lovely people/hours and hours on ‘nothing’ :D  This is my ‘light at the end of tunnel’


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