Weekend No. 38

September 26, 2009

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” would simply have to be the most intriguing sentence ever constructed in English-sentence-making history.  Not only does it consist of every letter in the English alphabet (also known as a pangram), but also strikes a rather vivid image in one’s head, prompting these many  creations:

I want this shirtttt!

This reminded me of the Max Brenner’s logo!

I thought this was cute (:

And a video to finish off:

On an even more exciting note, Oxfam’s Trivia Night fundraised a little over $800 to the Livelihoods program, which supports food and nutritional security for South Africa and Mozambique!  I’m so happy!  Thankyou for everyone who helped out and came to trivia to support the program! :D


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