leptodactylous (adj). having abnormally slender fingers and toes

September 27, 2009

Just reviewed my course outline for IR and it turns out that the essay is expected to be 2500 words in length, and is worth 45% of my mark.  Fuck.  I thought it was a 2000 word essay, worth 40%.


On a much lighter note, I finish my second semester of university in less than a month’s time! This would mean I would have better material on this blog, hopefully, than this un-hating/ranting bullshit that has been the underlying theme of the said blog, period (assuming that it had any decent material to start off with).

I’ve been wracking my brain with readings on the topics of ‘women as the victims of war’, logically the focus of my IR essay.  I’ve no idea why, but I decided to focus all my Afghanistan/Taliban related readings for today.  Maybe because I thought it was high time for me to actually understand what the hell is happening over there in greater detail.  I didn’t find out much about the actual rise of the Taliban and stuff, but I got a lot of insight from Feminist IR scholars. I would have to say that their accounts of Afghan refugee women were interesting, but were as confronting as the Teena Brandon story.  I’m really glad that I’ve finished this lot of reading regarding women in the era of Taliban rule, but this would mean I will move onto articles titled “He Would Kill Me With His Penis: Genocidal Rape in Rwanda as a State Crime”.  Interesting, but confronting.  I suppose the plus side of such readings would be the inspiration that I draw from these women.  Their determination for survival, their pro-activeness in their community and their potential in peace-negotiations (and thus achieving elusive peace!) is rather encouraging to a uni student, such as myself.  It kinda spells out to me: if they can do it, why can’t you?

I rarely remember dreams.  But I had one last night and I remember it quite well (maybe because I re-told it to Darren not long after I had it).  The dream involved me drink-driving, and because every police vehicle is a mobile RBT, I was caught.  It wasn’t as if I was drunk beyond recognition/to the point of falling all over the place- I was just tipsy and very happy.  I remember distinctly in the dream  that I had one red Cruiser/Breezer.  After that, I proceeded to drive to an unknown destination.  The police stopped me in my tracks and fined me and revoked my licence.  No idea why, but I was asked to go see my driving instructor who, in the dream, was Ms Esjak (Career advisor), who happened to be with Mr. James (Mock-Trial Coach, Australian Geography teacher).  After meeting with them at this lovely place with wonderful lawn, I was sliding down the rails of a long stair case (not surprised if this was the staircase linking upper campus to lower campus @UNSW).  Then I woke up.

Nessa and I were briefly discussing the winter weight be both gained because of winter and our red Ps, which allow us to indulge in fast food because we are able to conveniently transport ourselves to the nearby outlets of Maccas, KFC or Oportos.  Anyway, Jenny Craig seemed like viable option regarding food, because it all looks so yummy.  It turns out that it $130 per week.  This is a shame.  I guess I should start to do some cardio when I get the time.  I really want to get rid of this excess weight that I’ve put on since gym membership ceased/getting my Ps/my over-indulgence during winter.

I should stop rambling and go get some sleep.  9am start tomorrow- WOO! (no sarcasm manssss).


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