vespertine (adj). of, relating to, or occuring in the evening

September 28, 2009

Eric, my little brother, made a comment today whilst he was in the shower.  I was in the bathroom, flossing when he commented on himself.  “I am fat” he proclaimed when, I assume, he had water hitting his back as he was looking down on his round tummy.  I asked him who called him fat, and he responded by saying that it was his own opinion.  I proceeded to ask him why he thought such a disgusting thought.  He said because he had flabs.

WTF BROTHER?! IF YOU HAVE FLABS & YOU’RE FAT, THAN I’M SURE AS HELL THAT I AM AN ELEPHANT! BOOOO!  It wasn’t a great exchange of self-esteem, at all.

On a completely different note, he came up with an awesome hi-5 routine.  We often give each other hi-5s because we’re bored during commercial breaks, or because of studying.  Anyway, a normal hi-5 becomes pretty boring after the first couple of hi-5 rounds has elapsed.  Whilst in bed tonight, Eric came  up with this awesome, funkadelic hi-5 routine which now replace all our hi-5 exchanges.  It’s pretty much just a normal hi-5 with a bump at the knuckles upon entry, and spirit fingers when exiting.  CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS?! It’s really pretty when executed properly, especially when exiting! :D

I had a nice day at uni today, despite the fact the sun decided to be deceiving again.  I totally thought I had assembled the right attire for what was forecasted as a ‘mostly sunny’ day.  BULLOCKS.  The skirt and cardigan I wore was highly inappropriate for the cold, gusts of wind which dominated the day as of 9am (when I arrived at uni).  Fail.  I suppose the nice and different thing about today was that Ash was in all of my classes and we chilled for lunch with Shimene, Gary, Clive and Davis.  It’s always nice when you have bump-ins and end up staying for lunch! I really like the spontaneity.  Also, we had lovely cake at the Oxfam meeting to celebrate Bobby’s 22nd.  It was really great cake :D

I finished all but 1 of my readings for my IR/women’s essay DUE THIS FRIDAY(!!!!!).  I think besides accumulating some knowledge for the said essay, I’ve come to understand why my grandmother was always sure that I would get raped everytime I left the house.  I have no idea why it took me so long to figure this point out, but it had occurred to me that my grandmother would have witnessed/heard accounts of the systemic mass rape of women during the war, especially from the periods of 1975-79.   I didn’t know that rape was used as a weapon of war, especially in genocides, to wreak terror, derogate women (and men) as well as diminish a certain race.  I always thought war was bombs, troops and tanks, and that civilian life were spared; and in cases of genocide, it was based on machetes and gas chambers.  Never did I stop to think about how certain HUMAN BEINGS COULD BE SO TWISTED to impose systemic rape.  Furthermore, it was pretty much ingrained in the minds of women that men were inherently aggressive, and this aggressive would be disposed onto women once the war/terror has ended.  I suppose my grandmother was thinking along those lines when she was harping on about me getting raped.  I could ask her, but I don’t think she’ll be able to respond.

I have been trying to stay off caffeine for the latter half the semester.  However, since downing that can of V, I have succumbed to many doses of the aforementioned drug and am now buzzing! Prior to typing up this blog, I had a mooncake (yummy, fatty little things) which pretty much requires me to drink tea because it’s complementary and customary.  Also, mum made the tea.  I’m seriously buzzing.

Time to read, yo! :D


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