solferino (adj). of a red colour tinged with purple

October 1, 2009

When I arrived at the station this very hot afternoon, with no one to meet up with, I felt rather sad and lonesome.  This was because I only had 4 hours sleep beforehand and needed some company to keep my mind off the essay (I needed a break).  Anyway, no one was there, so when the train came, I got on and found a seat that was facing the right direction and away from the sun to prevent myself from contracting any form of a migraine.  When I found my seat, and settled in.  I suppose the first thing I noticed was this cute lady holding a ukulele staring out at the sunshine.  She proceeded to play some lovely ukulele-inspired music and started to sing in a sweet, foreign language.

This made me happy for the rest of the train ride to uni.  I smiled at her to acknowledge my appreciation and she smiled back :D  I was buzzing.  I was so happy, I Twittered and Facebooked it!  Seriously, there should be more people who play lovely music on the train :)

On another exciting note, P.Ross had rearmed himself with his silly antics in lectures.  Last week, he employed profanities in his lecture on SAPs (namely, Fuck!) and this week, suggested that us uni students were living on $2 a day.  I found this highly amusing as this was true for me as I didn’t end up buying lunch today.  I spent a total of $1.80 today (for public transport), which made me happy :D  Also, IR continues to be one of the most exciting classes, with speculation that within the next 30-40 years time, India would have assimilated Pakistan, Indonesia’s conflict with Timor persisting, Russia becoming friends with the US, Australia not doing so much, US’ declining power and China adopting a no child policy.  I really love my IR tute (not really loving my IR essay).

Tonight in the midst of doing my essay, Mum asked me about my job prospects.  I really hate being trapped and allocated a set progression as it limits opportunities.  You can say that I’m more of a take-it-as-it-comes person.  I blatantly told her that I didn’t know what I wanted to do, even with a desired law degree.  She then started asking about Abarna and how she is earning a living, which made me feel shit comparatively.  I then proposed to mum that she should leave my job prospects alone until I’ve graduated.  She said okay.  I said cool, knowing that I won’t ever have to face these type of questions again.  Honestly speaking, I can’t even contemplate who/what I’m going to be/doing in 5 years time.   It’s a scary thought.

It’s rather ironic that I  am able to speculate the operations of the international system in 30-40 years time, but I fail to see any direction of my own (not-too-distant) future.   Oh well, back to the essay :)


3 Responses to “solferino (adj). of a red colour tinged with purple”

  1. Hieu Says:

    What may be lovely to you may just be ‘horrible music’ to others. Everyone should sit in silence on trains.


      Point conceded about the subjectivity of ‘lovely/horrible music’. Though isn’t silence for about an hour a tad boring?

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