Weekend No. 39

October 3, 2009

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TOMORROW! One less hour of sleep, but it also means that days are longer and the sun setting at 8pm!  AWESOME! :D

I love the baby smell.  Not the sour milk baby smell, the talcum powder/nice smelling one. I was over at my cousin’s place earlier and there were a lot of kiddies there who smelt deliciously baby-like.  It’s rather refreshing.  I sometimes just grab one of my cousins (usually whoever is closest), place them on my lap, and take a good whiff of their nice smelling hair.  When they’re really in the mood, I blow raspberries on their tummy  I love their laughs.  It’s so genuinely carefree. It makes me wish I was a baby again.  Life would definitely be sweeter.  Sure, I wouldn’t be able to express myself properly, but who needs it when you’ve got people smelling your hair, blowing raspberries, chucking you up and catching you- pretty much when you’ve got other people’s attention just because you’re you.  Life is definitely sweeter as a baby (unless you’re an evil baby, which is another story).

My readings have been neglected the past 2 weeks so I’ve decided to start reading again (yay!).  This weekend shall not be wasted in terms of productiveness, and so here’s an oath to get up-to-date with readings. WOOHOO! :D  I suppose the rain has somewhat motivated me to do stuff.  I normally don’t like the rain, but for some reason, I like it this time.

I must remember to ask Mum/Dad about Operation:Veggie Patch. I was looking at seeds today and it got me really excited to start planting my own herbs and veggies. YAY to self-sustenance!



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