tautological (adj). needlessly repeating the same idea by using different words

October 4, 2009

Yes that would be right, I employed tautology in my latest IR essay.  It was horrible.  Let’s never speak of it again until I get the marks back (hoping for a pass!).  I was looking around some NGO sites this afternoon out of sheer boredom, and BOTH Amnesty and Human Rights Watch have had reports on women and rape for the past YEAR! WHY OH WHY DIDN’T I BOTHER TO START OF WITH THESE RESPECTIVE NGOs before diving into horrible journal articles.  I feel so gypped of time, energy and effort.  BRAHBRAHRAHRAHRAHRAHRAH! D:

I totally owe Eric $5 now because the Storm won the premiership.  It would have been $10 had the game maintained 10-22 scoreboard at around 70minutes.  Thankfully, MoiMoi (his name is so cute to say: FuiFui MoiMoi!) scored a try and Burt converted it!  Phew!  Anyway, time to find $5 and pay Eric.  I only realised today, whilst watching the game, that Finch was playing for the Storms.  I thought he was still with the Eels, but apparently he got a mid-season transfer to the Storms.  Imagine how stabbed-in-the-back the Eels’ players would have felt.  I felt a bit back-stabbed myself.  Where is your TEAM LOYALTY FINCH?!

I feel a bit bad ass as the moment.  I spent the past half-hour or so looking for Josh Radin’s music and have been downloading them O:  I originally wanted to purchase his latest album Simple Times but had already spent that money on Alex Day’s Parrot Stories.  But I was really desperate and in need of new tunes so I succumbed to music sharing sites.  I feel extremely bad ass listening to his music at the moment.  But it’s really beautifully composed!
Listen to the words that you say
It’s getting harder to stay
When I need you

I think I should sleep earlier tonight because I opted to help mum out tomorrow at the store, seeing as I’m so bad ass and because I’ve been a sloth around the house.  I thought helping out at the store this fair long weekend wouldn’t hurt.  I’m looking forward to the trip there and back mostly because it means bonding time with Mum, which I haven’t had in the longest of times!  It’s only been sporadic questions here and there.  Like today, she was preparing some greens, which reminded me of Operation Veggie Patch so I inquired her about the ingenious idea.  She gave the O-K, but was pretty much pessimistic about us keeping to it- she suggested that Darren and I would end up being lazy and getting no where with it.  Awh :(


2 Responses to “tautological (adj). needlessly repeating the same idea by using different words”

  1. Hieu Says:

    FYI, Finch was released by management and felt unwanted (who wouldnt), so he opted to leave.

    P.S. Storm, not Storms.


      Thanks for that enlightenment Hieu.
      ‘Storms’ used in a collective sense, like 1950s as a decade, so Storms, not Storm. But thanks for pointing out that it’s (Melbourne) Storm (Y)

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