galumping (verb). to be moving in a boiterous or clumsy way

October 5, 2009


I haven’t been the consumer I used to be these past 2-3 months (or what feels like it).  I’ve only been forking out on food, and even this has been cut down.  I think I took a turn sometime last semester to not be as materialistic/consumeristic because I simply could not afford it anymore (since I’m fully) dependent on my parents).  I suppose what I’m experiencing now is withdrawal symptoms, I caved into a sale and pretty much some higher being decided  Netbank  shall not permit my direct deposits.   As annoyed as I am that I won’t get pretty dresses for summer, I’m somewhat okay with it/glad because I know that I saved something like $100 and can invest that in something else of much value (like other summer dresses that are better value and have more colour!).  Maybe it’s high time to visit the markets: NESSA&KIMMY, when the weather is lovely again, let’s go PLEASE!

I went to help out mum at the store today.  It was fun but, since I haven’t been in my Oxfords for the past 2 months or so, my feet started hurting withing the first 2 hours.  It was horrible.  I think I was half delirious after lunch when a customer was looking for a cheese slicer and I totally walked past it (in which she saw it and said ‘thankyou’ anyway, nice lady). Speaking of lunch, I had my first Burito today.  It was a rather interesting thing to have.  I thought it was cute at first.  I should probably tell you the whole story of the Burito and I:

So I was starving by lunch as I had skipped breakfast that morning because, unsurprisingly, I overslept.  My mum* ushered me to go have lunch since 12 but my feet started to hurt, so I didn’t feel like walking to the main food court.  Mum told me that I should go go Pad Thai* because they were having some special thing, but I didn’t feel like Pad Thai*.  After an hour of internal deliberation between serving customers, I finally decided that if I was ever going to get food into my tummy, the pain of my feet had to persist and I should, really, just take it like a man.  On my way to the food court, I saw pretty dresses in tree of life which were heavily overpriced, and NEW Miss Brown stuff in GP (which means they’re at the markets for like half the price), which got me excited about spending, alas tonight’s Netbank debacle.  Anywho, I roamed around the main foodcourt twice, finally deciding to settle on this new SALSA outlet, which served mexican.  They had Nachos, Tacos, Salads and Burritos on their menu.  I felt adventurous today, so I decided to try something I’ve never had before: Burritos. They had 6 selections of different burritos on the menu board.  But because I’m short-sighted, I couldn’t really see the menu probably until I got really close to the counter ie.  when you’re about to place the order.  Admittedly, I felt under pressure because there was a long line and only one counter in service (which was sorta dumbed).  I skimmed the burirtos menu, and selected one without reading all the ingredients.  I ordered the Tanjita(?) Burrito because I saw the words “Grilled Chicken” (Win), “Lemon and Lime” (Win) and “Capsicum” (Win); I didn’t know how these ingredients (plus some more) were going to be served to me but, as I said, I was adventurous and hungry so didn’t mind what I had as long as I had something to feast on.  When I got the Burrito and opened it up, the said ingredients, PLUS some sort of couscous/rice thing, onion, tomatoes and beans, were wrapped some dough pocket sort of a thing.  What I later figured out, thanks to a phamplet menu, was that it was wrapped in a soft, warm tortilla wrap! :D
I didn’t take a photo, but this is what a Burrito looks like:

It was pretty much a very good lunch, and the chips I had were sprinkled in a lot of paprika, which always makes chips taste better.  It was a good lunch and I can’t believe that I haven’t had a burrito in the 18 years that I’ve lived.  I imagine it would taste better toasted, but who am I to defy the traditional Mexican way of eating a burrito.  I am looking forward to trying the steak burrito next time I’m at Miranda.

I think I shall end on that note and go eat devour in some cannolis. NOMNOMNOM!


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