brobdingnagian (adj). of huge size, gigantic, enormous

October 6, 2009

I ran a red light today on the way back from uni and I got flashed by those red-light cameras.  It was horrible.  I felt as if I lost a part of me because I’m gonna lose a maximum of $388 and 3 demerit points off my red Ps, THANKS A LOT RTA Road Rules 2008 Rule 56 (1)(a).

I proceeded on a yellow but it quickly, more quickly than usual, went red.  I suppose I misjudged the time of the yellow light; it was heaps quick.  I feel like such a noob at the moment.  I was caught by some measly hidden red-light camera D:  vhbjreknvlrbvhjndkfuckbrhjknvmelqgbhvwjnekmafgbvhejrnksdmfohebhfdjncmer RAHTRAHRAHRAHRAH!  I could wear a shirt that says NOOB on it now.  I can have Domo-kun say it to me face even, like he is here:
(The little bear in the hole reminds of my cousin, who today, wasn’t wearing any pants when I went to pick up Eric.  Bless her)

I’M GONNA DROWN MY SORROWS IN DEVELOPMENT READINGS NOW, and let’s not mention this ever again (until I get the penalty notification from the RTA). Tomorrow will be a new day!


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