thrasonical (adj). boastful

October 7, 2009

Look what I got in the mail today!
Parrot Stories!Inside the package was also this little Nermie Army Card from Nerimon!  I was purchase #155 with a smiley face.  It was nice.  The album was as I expected: cute lyrics and indie/punk tunes.
And I need a fringe cut.  Most definitely.

I didn’t get to hang with Stargate kiddies today because we’re all busy bees with our assessments, which of course calls for the end of semester! YIPPEE! As I pointed out to Ash today in P.Ross’ lecture, there is 16 days left for all students in the International Studies program. PEWPEW!  16 DAYS TO STUDY A WHOLE YEAR’S WORTH OF FRENCH, ALL CONCEPTS AND PROCESS IN THE AUSTRALIAN CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM AND FINISH A DEVELOPMENT STUDIES ESSAY.

I’m gonna do a lot of work between now and Friday so I can go out Friday night and Saturday night!


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