proscenium (noun). the part of a theatre stage that is in front of the curtain; the stage theatre in ancient Greece or Rome

October 8, 2009

As my twitter expressed, I found an express to Sydney Terminal today from Glenfield at 10:05am. It took approximately 30minutes to get from Glenfield to the City.  It was amazing.  Thankyou Tayler, Michael and Michael for sharing this first experience with me.  Also, thanks to one of the Michaels who enlightened me about the source of power for the trains.  Yes,  I just discovered today that trains were powered by electricity, and not fuel as I previously thought.  The only trains that are still powered by fuel/diesel are the ones that run only on rails!

Anyway, when I arrived at uni, I met up with one Leena Susan Thomas, who was talking to this familiar looking boy.  It was after that I introduced myself that I realised it was Tan, of tanguyen’s world, who was wearing the infamous Hurlstone trackpants, which had me even more excited.  This would be the first time I have seen Tan at uni, so it was mighty fine bumping into him in the UNSW context, even for that brief moment before Leena and I headed off for a  lovely lunch (read: feast), which is always a delight.  She’s so cute, she drew me a flower (because she couldn’t give me a fresh one because the next time I see her is next week)!

Leena, I love this very much.  Thank you, it made my week!  Also, thanks for informing me that DJ stood for Disc Jockey! :D

I learnt a lot today, even with the cancelled IR tutorial that I love.  I love days that I learn a lot of things, even little things like the origin of a term such as DJ.  When I was getting off that express train, I couldn’t open door.  I asked my fellow train buddies how to open it,  giving two options of pushing or pulling (because you know, that’s how most doors open).  The commuter behind me responded saying “I don’t know, but it’s a push” and proceeded to push the button, not the door.  As we were getting off this train, he chuckled and gave a really (insert adjective) remark which had me a tad offended.  It was something to the effect of “….and you go uni as well”.  I was pretty humiliated because he made it seem as if that I shouldn’t be in uni as I failed to open the door.  I suppose this has made me want to accumulate heaps and heaps of trivial knowledge/become more street smart, so I’ll never have to go through this small incident ever again.

I had a buzzing day today, it was heaps glorious bar the sweeping wind! I think it has something to do with finding the express train, sharing that ride with people I hardly get to talk to, learning stuff, lunch with dear Leena, my affinity for the lovely people I’ve recently befriended who are also majoring in development studies, being able to perve at Darren’s face and Nessa’s quick catch-up call.

I think it’s time I do some work and stop rambling on about my day.  ‘Oops’ in French is ‘Oups’, according to Facebook.


2 Responses to “proscenium (noun). the part of a theatre stage that is in front of the curtain; the stage theatre in ancient Greece or Rome”

  1. :)

    (Hehe first comment in a loooong while. I am such a stalker!)

  2. Tan Says:

    Haha that must be Lena then :P

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