Weekend No. 40

October 10, 2009

First off, I didn’t manage to blog last night because when I arrived home I was heaps exhausted, even though I spent the night at the movies.  Ivy had scored Gold Class tickets again and invited Darren, May and I to join her for Mao’s Last Dancer.  Admittedly, I had trouble concentrating on the movie because I was a bit pre-occupied with the delectable food and amazing comfort of Gold Class- I suppose if there was any cons to Gold Class, it would be that.  But Gold Class is awesome, it really is.  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie – I empathised with the Chinese under the intense communist regimes of Mao, with Li’s personal liberation at the cost of losing his family.  Although it doesn’t tell the whole story, granted as it is a film based on a book, it was a well made film for its limited time.

I failed to do much today in terms of workload.  I have 13 days left for the semester to finish everything and I haven’t.  I have a feeling that that the rest of the post in the next 2 weeks will go something like “FUCK I HATE UNI” or “STRESSSSSS” or “HELL NO AM I GOING THROUGH THIS SHIT AGAIN” or “RAHRAHRAH”.  Yeah, please don’t expect much, I’ll be very busy.

I went to St George Bank to set up an internet account, and saw the nice lady who always works on Saturday morning.  She’s cute, and young and always manages to strike up a conversation with me.  2 weeks ago, she commented on my top (the with buttons that I sewed on); 1 week she commented on my $2 blouse and market rings, to which I had this massive conversation to her about markets/op shops and how they’re so much more worth it.  It’s always nice to have talks at the bank- it can be pretty lonely sometimes, waiting for your number to be called out.  However, after 2 weeks of talking with this said lady, I failed to get her name.  It’s really bad.  So today, when I went in, I felt really awkward, because I couldn’t say hi to her because I didn’t know her name.  She was working behind Teller 6, but I was at Teller 2.  I tried to smile at her but there were 3 customers at her window and she was heaps busy.  So today’s visit to the bank was not as fun because I didn’t get to say hello to this lady.  I aim to go back there next week and befriend her and what not :)

After the bank, I visited the hairdresser to get my fringe trimmed because it was getting too long and in the way of study.  Inevitably, the hairdresser cut it a tad too short, so for tonight, I had to blow dry it straight- talk about killing hair :(

Photo 213(I have no nose, like JohnnyDurham from youtube!  He also has his own t-shirt designs! EW@mt feet)

I arrived home not too long ago from Dilini’s 19th Dinner at this awesome Thai restaurant down at Surry Hills.  It was squishy but delicious and, as always, I order too much because my eyes are bigger than my tummy.  HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY to the beautiful girl named Dilini, who looked stunning as per usual!

I’m gonna retire from this blog for now, and go comment on someone’s Facebook note titled “Obama’s a Fraud” (in regard to Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize).  As an Obama-supporter since his campaign, I feel obviously very offended by such a stance so will go share my view on why Obama did win Nobel Peace Prize as he did.


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