bedizen (verb). to dress or adorn in a cheap showy manner

October 11, 2009

After reading a chapter of my IR reading and an iPhone Facebook session simultaneously, I came into Eric’s room to get a little nap just before it hit 6 o’clock. He was playing a game of Halo and I didn’t think much of it until he said this when I snuggled into his bed-
Eric: Thank god.  Help me [play this game], I’m scared.
Maggie:  What are you on about?   I want to sleep.
Eric: Okay, good. Stay here, I’m scared.
Maggie: What are you scared about?
Eric:  This game is scary!
Maggie: (LOL’d, then went outside to grab her laptop to blog about it)
Eric (whilst Maggie is walking out): No, don’t leave me!
Eric (whilst Maggie was outside):  JeiJei (‘older sister ‘in Chinese), I’m scared, I’m all alone.  Can you come and sleep in here?
Maggie:  What??
Eric:  Come here, help me, I’m scared, someone’s coming!

I thought this was the funniest thing ever, because Halo is like Time Crisis and Eric has played Time Crisis before and seems unphased about shooting people, but yet, whislt playing in the comfort of his room, he is pissing himself and getting annoyed.  Moreover, every time a little evil guy comes he screams like a girl (and I’m not kidding/exaggerating).

Besides this delightful incident, the rest of my day involved very little.  Though, I am rather impressed with myself for making my bed this morning:
Photo 209I also watched a lot of Seinfeld this lovely day, so I think it’s high time I get going with my readings and French Finals study! O:


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