boustrophedon (noun). an ancient method of writing in which lines are written alternately from right to left and from left to right

October 12, 2009

The weather gods are against me :(  Before heading out to uni today, I checked the Bureau of Meteorology so I could choose the appropriate attire for uni.  It said that it was going to be a mostly sunny day with a maximum of 25 degrees.  I got excited, so I picked out a pair of shorts, a singlet and a flannel as an over shirt, providing enough warmth but also comfort, and the capability to be lowered to a ‘cool-down’ outfit.  When I left the house, it was sunny, but a bit chilly.  I stubbornly kept my chin held high for a warmer day.
By 8:30, when I arrived at Central Station, it was marginally warmer.  At this point, I was a bit disappointed but was hopeful for that 25 degree day.  I froze my way through French and Criminology as the aircons somehow were turned way high and nobody but me noticed, because I was the one in shorts.  By the end of Criminology, the blue skies and sun had decided to play hide-and-seek with me but I knew it was behind those grey, gloomy clouds.

I think it was from this point on that I decided to nag to everyone that I felt like a douche because 1) my fringe cut was too short and 2) I was wearing shorts in gloomy weather.  Sorry to everyone who had to hear this from me- I must have sounded like a broken record.  It got progressively chillier and gloomier throughout the day; there was even sprinkling at one point.

Then, OUT OF NO WHERE, the blue sky decides to pop out behind beautiful red clouds just to rub it in my face that the weather gods were against me:

On another note, (quickly before Eric returns from grabbing a word for me), Eric used the term ‘tag-team’ today to suggest that we should play Halo together.  I found this quite surprising because it shows that he can be very literate when he wants to be. HUZZAH! Potential! :D


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