imbroglio (noun). a complicated and embarrassing state of things

October 13, 2009

FRENCH TEST TOMORROW! D:  WAHWAHWAH! (this, my friend, is the onset of Panic Mode)
I’m spending 2 or my 3-hour break to help out for Anti-Poverty Week!  Come and say ‘Salut!‘ outside the Library and give me hugs for goodluck.

I was researching stuff for IR today when I stumbled across the UN Youth Association Australia, who offers one young person a change to be their Youth Representative.  I’m looking to apply once I get my credentials up so I can apply.  Time to do more stuff and prove I’m worthy of such a position!  I know of a couple of people who do Parliamentary Internships, so I wouldn’t mind doing that too (preferably for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)!  It would give great insight to the workings of Australian parliament.  Yay for exciting things to do! :D

I’m gonna go off and finish off this IR presentation and start doing some more French!  I am hoping to make it to Oktoberfest and Laksmi’s Birthday… but we’ll see how I progress.


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