mascent (adj). beginning to exist or having recently come into existence

October 15, 2009

I’m currently sitting next to my mummy at the moment as she rests her eyes.  I had a nap when I got home as I was heaps tired from uni.

My IR presentation went fine, but Daniel G had chosen the same topic as me so there was some overlap.  Thankfully, he went first and I went third!  I really will get into contact with other people before deciding what I want to do in terms of presentation.  I was manning the Oxfam Gelato store today which was heaps fun!  I had a 2 for myself!  The thing is, after 2 hours of serving gelato, I swear I had ‘milk odour’.  I kept sniffing myself in my Development lecture and Hitoishi just kept looking at me funny.  A lot of uni kids are at the UNSW Oktoberfest at the moment, drinking beer and/or bouncing along to the music.  I was going to stop by for a while but the line was disgustingly long so I bailed.  I found Jessica on the bus to Central so I had a train buddy all the way home. Her talks of going on exchange gets me excited about my own exchange in 3-4 years time!  So mega excited! :D

I found this today:

It reminded me of my cousin, not as fat but still as cute!  I saw her this evening when I dropped my other cousins back home.  She now has a very short haircut and looks even hipper.  Forgot to take a photo in my tiredness.

I’m gonna go finish off the rest of my development reading now!  I’m heaps motivated again because I got my second HD for Criminology today! :D I feel really pumped now that I’m on the homestretch to the end of semester! 8 MORE DAYS WOOOOOOOOOOO!


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