natation (noun). the act or skill of swimming

October 19, 2009

“la natation” is French for “swimming” (hehehehehe!)

Quick blog before I head off into yet another reading for development.  I hate it when I think I’ve found everything I need for an essay, then something pops up with better ideas.  It throws me off my whole route; I was planning on starting a solid introduction tonight but with this new source, I don’t think I’ll get this done.  Booo! D:

I was talking to An earlier this evening and she made me realise that I haven’t seen 500 Days of Summer yet!  Its sessions end this Wednesday which mean that I can’t even watch it at the cinemas and will have to wait until the DVD is released.  BOOOOO! D:  Anyway, I enjoyed my talk with An- it was kind of like a little taste of post-semester! :D


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