refulgent (adj). shining brightly; radiant

October 20, 2009

I’ve been watching the SBS channel for the past hour and a half and viewed the Weber Q BBQ* advertisement 3-4 times.

Besides realising I really want* one of these nifty BBQ grills, I also realised SBS now has become rather commercialised, but not* to the extent of 7, 9 or 10. Currently tuned into an episode of Insight about child sex offenders and treating it as Criminology revision and learnt something really interesting about the terms “paedophile” and “child sex offender”: the former is a psychiatric diagnosis whereas the latter is a legal term, but now both terms are used interchangeably by social forces (read: media).  Also, the host/facilitator of the discussion reminds me of Ms Vercoe (my HSC Legal Sudies teacher).  It’s really interesting!  I forgot how good these shows can be!

I will be tuning into an episode of NCIS after this!  TV is clearly heaps more interesting than writing an essay on sustainable development.

*thanks Darren.


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