Weekend No. 42

October 24, 2009

So I just got a call from a random person whilst I was sweeping the floor.  The conversation went something like this:
Maggie: Hello?
Person: Hello.  Who’s this?
Maggie: Maggie.
Person: Well Maggie, how come you’ve got my phone?
Maggie: Uhm, what do you mean?
Person: Well.  I just dialled my mobile number and you’ve just picked up.
Maggie: (confused)
Person:  What’s this number?
Maggie:  Who’s this?
Person:  The person who you took the phone off.
Maggie: (still highly confused and sweeping) Uhm, I’m sorry.  But I think you’ve got the wrong number.
Person: What’s this number?
Maggie: (thinking you just dialled this number, so there’s no point of repeating) I’m sorry, but this is my phone and I’ve had it for a while now.
Person: Is that so, Maggie?  Well, there’s gonna be a lot of explaining to do later on honey.
Maggie: I’m sorry that you’ve lost your phone dear, but this is my phone.
Person: Is that right?  (then hangs up).
I finished up sweeping and was planning on calling the lady back, but then realised it was an 03 (melbourne) number and didn’t bother.  It’s kinda funny how she really thought I had her phone (even though I obviously did not).  She doesn’t know that I live no where near her… if she were to realised she had just called someone in Sydney, accusing them of stealing her phone, she would feel like quite the fool.  If I were in her position, I would just give myself a little kick and cringe, then would laugh at myself.  I hope she gets it all worked out though.

I weeded something like 1 square metre of my garden bed today.
I finished up around 8:30 so I didn’t get the chance to apply some herbicide yet, but I’ll do that tomorrow. It was a good way to de-stress!  Eric helped out for a bit but ended up talking for more of the time.  He went on about ‘believing in yourself’: “Jei jei, did you know that if you want to get something done, you have to believe in yourself.  It’s true!”.  Very philosophical.  I haven’t made my compost bin yet. I need a drill to make holes for aeration.  Dad’s drill has become obsolete due to rust (no idea how), so I’ll need to borrow it (Does anyone have a drill that they can lend me?)  It’s going to be heaps exciting making my own compost!  :D

Seeing Nessa and Vina tomorrow as well! It should be greattttt! :D

Eric just figured out from the outtakes of Toy Story 2 that  MRS. POTATO HEAD IS VOICED BY GEORGE CONSTANZA’S MUM! :O


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