campanology (noun). the art or skill of ringing bells to make music

October 26, 2009

Eric was showing me some of his break-dancing skills, with moves including ‘The Swim’, ‘The Windmill’ and ‘The Anti-Windmill’ (that is, the Windmill but anti-clockwise).  I think today’s episode of Neighbours has inspired him to get in touch with his dance.  Bless him.

I’mchecking out all the music festivals coming up.  I really like the line up for Big Day Out, but sadly that has sold out.  No idea what to do ._.

I went to work today, it was not that great.  New City Rail timetables make it heaps longer to get to Miranda.  Anyway, I will be working 2/3 times a week there from here on in until the end of Christmas.  And here I was all ready to write up a resume for a junior admin position which pays something like $20/hour.

I’ve been watching this video on repeat: It’s so great!

I also want to see this film, staring Carey Mulligan who is so cute:

I just realised that my blogs aren’t as great, even after uni is finished, because I spend too much time elaborating online and am not doing so here.


One Response to “campanology (noun). the art or skill of ringing bells to make music”

  1. Leena Says:

    I still love them :)


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