alimentary (adj). relating to food or nutrition

October 28, 2009

Eric is attempting very lame coin tricks in front of my face at the moment, which means I can really fully enjoy my episode of NCIS:LA tonight. Boo. Eric has recently figured out that I mention him on my blog, and has labelled me as a ‘mean’ person because of this.  Thus, from here on in, there shall be no more stories about him and his affairs, to which he says “Yes!” (followed by a whispered “I hate you”).  Talk about melodramatic.

Anyway, I was driving home from work today, at a whopping 100km/h, and it felt exhilarating.  I know that the legal speed limit for any Provisional-1 driver is 90km/h.  But hell, it was awesome! :D  I had a good chat to Mum in the car about finding a job, who had a talk with dad the day before about the same issue.  To my surprise, they’re all for it!   I always thought that they would only let me work for them, instead of working elsewhere.  This obviously was not the case, Mr. Naive-who-lives-in-Maggie’s-front-temporal.  Anyway, they’re willing to let me go if I actually get a job, so I’m gonna go write up a resume now and apply to Junior admin positions and hopefully, get a job offer or something!

And because no one is available to go op shopping tomorrow, I will rummage through Mum’s wardrobe tomorrow! :D YIPPEE to free clothes!

OKAY! Off to google “how to write up a shit hot resume!” (Will post up resume if I get it done tonight!)


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