transcendent (adj). exceeding ordinary limits

October 29, 2009

I feel rather trimphant!  I have finally decided to become a member of the Young Liberals and put up my hand for the secretarial position at my local Liberal branch! :D  Woo! Of course, being a democratic party, it takes on a democratic process and I need to get voted in.  Let’s hope my credentials hold up!

Also, I’m gonna finish off my resume tonight (I had trouble writing one last night) and send some out tomorrow!  I’ve found some pretty decent positions online and it’s getting me excited!  No longer will a Thursday be spent at home watching Arrested Development, running errands for parents or wondering the stores of a local Westfield shopping centre, which as become the local hangout for school kids on late night shopping nights.  No thanks sir!

I also weeded another section of the garden today and am very happy to find good, well-structured soil with an abundant of micro-organisms today under all those weeds!  I also applied herbicide as the rain has subsided.  Woo!  Hoping to see all those horrible weeds decompose themselves very soon so I can start raising beds and what not! :D

I didn’t end up going through Mum’s old clothes because i) I didnt get home until 3 o’clockish (which means I had to feed Eric); ii) was watching Arrested Development and iii) I ended up weeding instead.

I haven’t read anything of extreme contents since finishing my last essay.  I kinda miss it, as strange as that sounds.  It’s been nearly a week since the end and I feel as though my mental capacity has decreased because of the lack of cranial activity.

I feel like painting my nails.


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