defenestrate (verb). to throw something or someone out of a window

October 30, 2009


I got up at 8:30am this morning to take Eric to the orthodontists to get his braces on.  I was really tired, but managed (thanks to that Multi-V juice!).  I right-side reverse parked for the first time today.  Normally for us people living in Australia, reverse parking normally occurs on the left-hand side of the car/road.  However, the place across the taxi stand in my area has parking on the right hand side of the road, and seeing that it was literally 1 minute walk to the orthos, I couldn’t just let that parking space slip.  It took me 5 minutes to get in but I get very G (triumphant!).  I also picked up my plates which are currently causing me heaps of pain, and make me talk with a horrible lisp.  Mum says it is as if I have olive in my cheeks, effectively making the name obsolete for Daniel, or making him share the label with me.

I spent the rest of this wonderfully sunny (hot) Friday with a marvellous girl named Reila.  We had Yum Cha, sugarcane juice and went vintage shopping together. It was very delightful to have spent today with her.  I haven’t seen/spoken to her in ages, so it was awesome just to get our spark reignited (because we would make lovely babies!)  I had a look at her grandpa’s veggie garden and was completely inspired by it all.  It made me so happy! :D  He also lent me his drill, so now my bind has holes ready for compost.  It took me a while to figure out how the drill works, but I eventually got it (what a smart piece of technology!) When I finished drilling, it was getting late and I felt the onset of mosquitoes feasting on my leg, so I called it a day for Operation:Veggie Patch and packed up the drill ready for return in the morning!  I sense another day out with Reila soon!  She’s so fun!

On another note, I’m feeling hot and sticky and was recommended by Mum to go take a shower, so I will.

I also have painted my nail in a colour named “purple rain”.


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