Weekend No. 34

October 31, 2009

I just had a banana and downed a can of grass jelly because I was hungry.  I have a feeling that I’m gonna be downing heaps of grass jelly for the next week because when Eric asked dad to buy 4 cans for himself, Dad decided to pick the value option and buy an entire carton.  Times are hard guys, thanks to the global financial crisis (every time I utter these three words in this structure, I can’t help but think of this girl named Marie in my IR/development tut who wears heaps of make-up and pulls off a maxi dress beautifully, even though we’re the same height.  Anyway, the terms ‘global financial crisis’ reminds me of her because that’s all she ever referred to in her discussions, that and the Doha Rounds).

I had a wonderful day with Reila (again) today.  She is seriously such a fun girl to be with! We visited the Glebe Markets today and picked out a few snazzy items for ourselves! :D Even better, we had wonderful lunch at the greatly missed Fairtrade Café and bought 12 dumplings for $3.50! YUMYUMYUM! :D  I think this weekend makes up for the consumeristic part of my that has been dormant for the past 2 months or so.  So no guilt.  I have been quite reserved in forking out more than $50 for an item.  Today’s most expensive item was $45 so I felt very good.  This means that I have left over moolah for tomorrow’s shopping at the Bondi Markets, with lovely Nessa and Vee! :D Sweet.

I finally started the compost in the bin today! Check it (I didn’t take the photo of the compost itself because it became really stinky):
photoI had mum leave her discarded veggies/tea leaves to one side over the week, so it was heaps easy to chuck that on top of the soil, which was on top of some shredded newspaper! :)

I got to play with all my little cousins when I went to visit my grandparents tonight.  Everyone has grown so much!  The youngest one has broken the record for the youngest potty-trained cousin, at the tender age of 2! :) She says “shu shu” when ever she needs to do her number 1, but is quite illiterate with everything else: “nose” is “noe” and “Jei Jei” is “cher cher”. Bless her.


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