gesticulate (verb). to make gestures, especially when talking

November 1, 2009

Today, was sorta like a taste-test to the couple of days that will be the 29th November to the 3rd December (the Beach House getaway).  I spent it with Nessa and Vee at the Bondi markets! :D I could honestly spend all day with these girls . It’s really nice when nothing is forced and all comes naturally, like dancing in the car with the music to full blast and other similar antics.  FUN TIMES AHEAD GUYS!  I also purchased 2 summer-y dresses for summer and ordered “Shoe string fries” for lunch, but turned out to be French Fries like the ones from Maccas. Sad :(

I love this! Who says I can’t get stoned?’ He looked kinda stoned on the Rove, but I missed his interview.

Eric currently thinks he is Wolverine and currently slashing his pillow for no particular reason besides thinking he is Wolverine.


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