schadenfreude (noun). a malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of others

November 3, 2009

I went to see This Is It today with Nessa, Abarna and Kimmy! It was so inspiring!  Had he not pass away, the concert would have been off the hook!  I’m gonna learn the moves to Thriller so I can dance it PROPERLY at nightclubs and what not :D  I suppose what the movie did for me, besides giving me the urge to dance, was to highlight the truly compassionate side of MJ.  He really believes in love, for other human beings and the environment, and chose to convey this through song.  It undid all the media portrayals of him as a ‘wacko’ and demonstrated a much more, down to earth man who loved music and dance (and was pretty much the epitome of true popular entertainment).  Originally, I was not going to watch it because I thought it was mere footage of preparation for his concert; but it was that and so much more.

Yeah.  I’m gonna go bed now.  Exhausted and I have work tomorrow! :D


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