oligarchy (noun). government by a few, especially by a small faction of persons or families

November 4, 2009

I’m currently chowing down some of the chicken wings Mum has made as I missed out on dinner tonight.  (I’m feeling really buzzed up at the moment so pardon my lack of punctuation/grammar/logic in general).  These are the wings that she said she would help me marinate, then freeze, so I can take it down to the beach house for us to feast on in case we got hungry; she had, in her mind, allocated something like 5kgs to bring down.  Obviously, this wasn’t such a great idea because it wouldn’t be fresh and blah blah blah.  She still hasn’t taught me how to marinate, as in what is in her marinate recipe.  I will ask her soon so I can attempt to make it at home before I do it at beach house- this way, I don’t run the risk of ruining perfectly good chicken.

I woke up at 9:15am today, feeling quite good.  Mum had not woken me up at 7:30pm and, instead, left me the car at home so I could drive out to Miranda later to help her out at the store. I’m currently still in my work uniform, as I only arrived home around 45 minutes a go and have not had the chance to shower and change, but will do so after this post.  I, again, drove at 100km/h to and from work.  I was G, but am not ever doing this speeding thing ever again because I saw 5 cop cars all up today whilst on the road, but luckily had slowed down enough to not get caught.  I think it was some higher being telling me to cease going of 90km/h in 100 zones.  I shall abide.

I attended another local Liberal Branch meeting today, where I was given the role as branch secretary! :D  WOOOOO!  Although it’s an unpaid position, I’m really looking forward to working with these people in reshaping the area, that is, how it is portrayed and how it is embraced by the community itself.  There is an Inaugural Dinner on the night 19th November!  So that’s our main project! I’m gonna invite some people who I think will be interested to come.  Of course, if you’re interested, click on the link or message me for details so I can add you to my table! :D Students get in cheaper, like 50% cheaper, so DO COME ALONG! :D

I visited Jess’ after to drop off a DVD.  We decided that we should get together and write a song or something throughout the course of the break.  Her room has so many fascinating things! I kinda wish my room was like that.  Also, might go on a trip to Melbourne to soak in some culture.  Hito’s photos had me in awe, and Jess said it only costs $30 to get there, so I might.  We shall see how my parents feel after beach house.

That’s all.  My shoulders hurt.  Sorry if this made no sense.  Good luck to you all who should be studying but have taken your time to read this post, and hello to you beautiful people


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