unimpeachable (adj). beyond reproach, blame or doubt

November 6, 2009

I feel as if I had a very productive day today!  When I employ the term productive, I mean that I got a lot of things done during the day to the way I liked.  Of course, during the wondrous break, productive would mean things I wanted to get done and what not.  I woke up to the phone call of Abarna and realised I was late for a meeting I had at the bank with some fellow branch members to set up an account.  But then it turned out that I wasn’t late, because the meeting was at 10:30am not 10am.  I was outside Westpac for 30 minutes waiting for Melissa and Andrew, and many things amassed that funnelled through my sense of sight.

There was a man who smoked incessantly, one cigarette after another.  He wore a parka, some trousers and a maroon beanie.  He had not shaved in a while and was greying.   He was very tanned for an old Asian man, my guess he came from the South East of Asia.  I didn’t like the fact that he kept standing on the side of the path I was on as the wind kept blowing smoke in my face. This undo’s the fact that I stay away from cigarettes, as it makes me a passive smoker.  BOO! Wonder if it’s possible to make the CBD a smoke-free environment…… Just an idea, of course.

I also witnessed this girl walking pass on the phone, exclaiming to the a person on the other end of the conversation “Why did you call me for?!”, which I thought was a pretty silly question to ask someone on the phone at the top of your lungs to the point where your mum gives you an eyebrow-look of wtf/confusion.  People call people for reasons, I don’t think there is a need to ask something this silly question at the top of your lungs whilst strolling along the street with you mum teenage girl with long black curl hair.

I also witnessed a lot of tall Asian boys and short Asian girls (Andrew is a tall Asian boy, Melissa is a short Asian girl), who were on their way to some sort of adventure on a Friday.  This was weird as they should of been in school.  The students that I tutor will not succumb to the trend of truanting- no thanks sir!

After an hour and a half with the bank and post-office, I finally was on my way to reading up on electricity and ecosystems as prep for the student I’m currently (private) tutoring.  I got a call tonight to work at a centre, and will trialing that tomorrow morning at the wake of dawn (9:45pm). We’ll see how I go.  These past two days of tutoring has been fun, however my voice has been straining.  Dad suggested I had a cold, but I don’t.  I have two tutoring sessions tomorrow, so I’m gonna rest up and not sing along to the music of John Mayer and Josh Radin (and Sexy Bitch, admittedly.  I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT BEACH HOUSE!!!!!)

I also watched S.W.A.T (the movie) tonight, finally.  I should have been personally inviting people to the Dinner, but gave in to the likes of LL Cool J and Colin Farrell.  I will go see who’s online now! :D

Oh.  I found another aspiring artist on the Tubessss
His voice is so lovely to listening to.


One Response to “unimpeachable (adj). beyond reproach, blame or doubt”

  1. timsun Says:

    i am a short asian boy. will this or will this not affect my chances with the laydeez

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