plenipotentiary (noun). a person invested with full power to transact any business

November 10, 2009

I totally forgot to blog in midst of creating a pre-test for one of my students I’m tutoring.  Will be back later to update when I’m a little bit more delirious!

1:46am, 10th November:
19 days until beach house! :D:D:D

Anyway, I am done with most of, if not all, of the pre-test and am happy with it.  I sincerely hope that this does not stress out the kid, or leave her feeling cocky.  I just want her to be prepared.

I went to work today and had mum laughing at how tight my ‘small’ shirt and how loose my ‘medium’ shirt was on me.  I ended up sticking to the ‘small’ shirt as I didn’t want to look like a dag in front of customers.  I already have my chipped nail polish, the occasion untamed hair and the permanent height disorder to stand for.  Mum kept looking at my ‘square’ tummy everytime we spoke and it made me feel very self-conscious.  I laughed it off with her, but at this hour, am feeling even more self-conscious.  Maybe it’s high time to do crunches after my bicep curls and triceps something (the one where you take the dumbell in your hand behind your head and work out your tricep that way??) Yeah, that.

I picked up another tutoring session at the centre for yr 12 chemistry kids.  Am a bit scared as this means I will also have to revise HSC Chem.  Fingers crossed I can be half as good as Jackson.  I know this will require me to pay full attention to how these kids are going.  I was offered the session at a measly rater of $15/hr and feel jipped for taking it on. I’ll see how much work i’ll need to put in before asking for a raise. Yeah.

I have the car tomorrow, which means I can zoom around and get myself delicious fresh produce.  I really feel like a salmon burger with egg, rocket salad and some good old BBQ sauce on sour dough bread of some Caballa, I think it’s called at my local deli.  If not, I wanna have a stab at making my own pasta bolognese! :)  If I’m not bothered, some pan-friend silver person with green mango salad would do me absolutely fine.



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