soporific (adj). causing sleep; tending to cause sleep

November 10, 2009

My brain is currently exa-hausted.  I have been tutoring all day and now feel worthy of a good night’s sleep!  My brain is buzzing with yr 8 science terms and HSC chemistry formulas.  Darren is just to my left working hard at his chemistry questions.  He mentioned that “Darren is good”, so I’ll just concur in my exhaustion.

I have work tomorrow. Dad says there’s heaps of stocking involved, which gets me sort of excited as it would involve me potentially hanging kitchen utensils instead of mindlessly standing around to serve customers.  Looking forward to it! :)

I love the emphasis made by this fruit shop owner:I want coconut (+juice) now.  I wish I was stuck on a tropical island and had days on end to do things like swim, drink coconut and built a gangster sandcastle. (H)


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