forfend (verb). to prohibit; to forbid

November 11, 2009

I went to work today and had a lady who bought some cards and decided to  share her plans with me at the counter.  She said that later today she was going to hand in some medical forms at some private hospital named President.  I acted interested to not come across as a rude sales assistant.  She then carried on to say that she was getting new lens for her eyes on the afternoon of my birthday.  I told her it was my birthday on that day, but she didn’t seem to care/hear me and continued on with the rest of her uninspiring story.  I rolled my eyes thereafter (in my head of course, because I’m too chicken to roll my eyes in real life right in front of her).  She then said something about something else (I don’t know because I was too busy coming up with some pretty inconsiderate opinions about her), so I just continued to nod and agree to most things she says without contributing my own input because she didn’t care about me.

The thing about having a conversation with someone is that you get to share ideas- it’s a mutual thing.  So the second someone decides to not really care about what you say/think, the conversation dies there. I hate it when I realise this aspects about some of my friends.  I realise I waste a lot of time, time which could have been better spent in a conversation with someone worthwhile.

It’s nearly the end of the year and I’m looking forward to the time where I can blog sporadically, and meaningfully.  Not to say that this post was not meaningful, but something worth sharing and not just mindless musings, even though musings involve the mind.

You get my point.


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